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Dura Sales of Southern California is a manufacturer's sales representative organization specializing in RF, Microwave, Optical Devices, Components, and Manufacturing Services.
Si, GaAs, and GaN modules and transistors for signal generation, amplification, and reception. Diodes for Switching, Limiting, and Detector applications. Low Noise, Broadband, and Small Size Signal Sources and Synthesizers.
Thin Film substrates and Sub-mounts, Filters, Bias-tees, Circulators, Isolators, Switches, Flexible Phase and Amplitude Stable Cable, Interconnection Solutions, Full line of DC/RF/Microwave Connectors, and Phase Stable RR and Microwave cables for Test and Measurement applications.
Sub Assemblies
Phase Shifters, High Power Ferrite and PIN Switches, Custom MIC and Waveguide Subsystems. Attenuators, Limiters, Switched Filter Banks, Switch Matrices, DLVAs, TX/RX Assemblies, Frequency Converters, and Custom Integrated Microwave Subsystems. 
Manufacturing and Engineering Services
Rapid Prototype and RF and Microwave turnkey assembly and test.


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